Scholarship Training Program for Account ClarkNVQ Level 04

Module Elements Task Number & Task
Maintain Information Required for the Job
  • Collect & Store Data

  • Generate Information & Disseminate
  1. Identify Data Required & Their Source

  2. Determine Appropriate data collection

  3. methods

  4. Collect Required data

  5. Cross Check and compare collected data

  6. with previous data

  7. Store Collected data

  8. Analyze collected data

  9. Generate information based on the

  10. collected and verified data

  11. Provide information to relevant parties

  12. Disseminate Information
Maintain files related to the job
  • Commence files required according to the work assigned

  • Maintain and update files

  • Close files as required
  1. Open New files

  2. Index Files

  3. Update Files

  4. Restored deteriorated files

  5. Store Files

  6. Transfer Files

  7. Close electronic files

  8. Close Files
Procure and maintain documents required for the job
  • Obtain required documents

  • Maintain Documents
  1. Determine documents required for the work assigned

  2. Obtain required documents

  3. Update Documents

  4. Store Documents
Plan and Implement office activities assigned to general office clerk
  • Plan office Activities required for the job

  • Carry out Planned office Activities
  1. Identify Office Activities assigned to clerk

  2. Plan Office Activities

  3. Obtain Required Recourses

  4. Carry out planned office activities

  5. Monitor progress of planned activities
Plan, Assign and monitor the work of Subordinate Staff
  • Plan and assign work to subordinate staff

  • Monitor the progress of work of the Subordinate Staff
  1. Prepare work plan as required by the Organization

  2. Determine work assignment for subordinate staff

  3. Brief the Subordinate staff on work assignment

  4. Identify training needs of individual subordinate staff

  5. Assign work to relevant staff

  6. Provide eon the job training to subordinate Staff

  7. Prepare Monitoring Plan

  8. Monitor work of subordinate Staff
Attend to Client’s /Customer’s needs
  • Identify Client’s /Customer’s needs

  • Serve Client’s /Customers effectively
  1. Greet and address Client’s / Customer’s

  2. Interpret Client’s /Customer’s needs

  3. Provide Information to Client’s /Customer’s

  4. Respond to Client’s /Customer’s Request

  5. Respond to written Request of Client’s /Customer’s
Computer Aided Accounting
  • Accounting Packages
  1. My OB

  2. Quick Book

  • Total Course Fee

  • LKR 20,000/=

  • Program

  • The Program will be delivered in
    03 months period
    on Full time basis and
    09 months
    On the Job Training (OJT)